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Change Starts Here

Change Starts HereHave you ever felt stuck, trapped or dissatisfied?
Change Starts Here covers the fields of philosophy, psychology and the social sciences to provide an entertaining, educational and practical guide to change what you can, live with what you can’t and the wisdom to know the difference. Continue reading

Business Millionaire: How to Turn Your Idea Into a Million Dollar Business

Business Millionaire: How to Turn Your Idea Into a Million Dollar Business
Why are some businesses set for success while the majority fail?
This book gives you the insights to put you on the right track to beat the odds and build a great business. Learn from some of the country’s best business people as they share their secrets of how to grow your business faster and easier than ever before. Continue reading

Practical Performance Improvement… with Impact

Practical performance ImprovementMany team leaders and managers find themselves caught in a vicious circle of day-to-day business. This leaves them with little or no time for tasks like planning, strategy, developing tactics, establishing systems and developing the ability and motivation of their team. Continue reading

Precision Recruitment Skills… with Impact

Precision Recruitment SkillsRecruiting employees costs time and money … and that’s without adding up all the “indirect costs” … time spent in performance management or reworking a poor performer’s output, time spent training and re-training, time spent reforming teams when a new person joins … yet for many organisations they’ll unknowingly pour $1,000′s of dollars away, week after week, month after month purely due to low quality recruitment practices. Continue reading

Precision Recruitment Skills… with Impact – Book and CD

Precision Recruitment SkillsWanted to know what professional recruiters and search consultants do to find the right person that most line managers would never do? Continue reading

The King Of Snozzlebrush Island

King of Snozzlebrush islandThe King of Snozzlebrush Island teaches your kids how to be healthy wealthy and wise.
Continue reading

The Creative Edge – Strategies for 24/7 Creativity

the creative edgeCreative thoughts for non-creative thinkers. Continue reading

What my Favourite Teacher Taught me Vol II

what my favourite teacher taught meLets remember and celebrate those people who have made an impact on our lives. This book does just that. Continue reading