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Management Consulting in Australia – Testimonials

What our Clients Have to Say About Rod Matthews’ Results

“Rod Matthews is the best trainer in Australia.”

Andrew Bell
CEO, Grain of Sand Consulting

“Rod Matthews is the best trainer and course presenter in Australia!

Angus Love
MD, Financial Acumen Pty Ltd

“Rod Matthews is, in a word, brilliant!”

Andrew Cross-Di Menno

“I’ve had a fair bit of training over the years. None, and I mean none, have stuck in the mind quite as the training I did with Rod Matthews (for the right reasons, I might add!!)”

James MacDonald – Principal Consultant, Logica

Rod consulted with our AECOM team on a particularly sensitive issue.  He did so with a compassion, care and a genuine interest to help.  He took the time to understand our needs and supported the process of designing an behaviour change work piece that aligns with the heart, mind and budget of our P & P team.  An absolute pleasure to work with.

Fiona Woodward
Senior People and Performance Advisor

When we decided to explore leadership training at Amnesty International I immediately thought of Rod Matthews.  He is an amazing individual, so much more than a trainer.  He partnered with the HR team to design a course that would meet our needs, the content was spot on and the delivery was inspirational and genuinely built on our values and goals. Rod is always energetic, enthusiastic and positive. The feedback from the management team was absolutely glowing, they couldn’t wait to implement the techniques they had learnt. I would recommend Rod in a heart beat.  He is without a doubt the best learning and development consultant that I have worked with.

Collette Houghton Swann
National Human Resources Manager – Amnesty International Australia

“I thoroughly recommend Rod Matthews owner of Impact Human Performance technologies. He is a corporate trainer who focuses on learning by doing, rather than just clicking through a didactic presentation. His presentation style is VERY engaging, utilises flip charts rather than PowerPoint (something we could learn from) and offers a no-risk guarantee … If you are less than delighted with the results, you need not pay a cent! I have been trained by and worked with many trainers both locally and internationally and believe Rod to be one of the best.”

Stuart Goodfellow
Certified Business Coach

“In all honesty, I have never experienced such a dynamic, intelligent and amiable trainer as Rod Matthews”

Andy Godfrey
Senior HR Business Partner

“I needed to express how amazing this course has been so far, so much so that I couldn’t wait to come to work to continue on this course. There has been so many great tools and tips that were given by Rod Matthews who is the great facilitator that I now aspire to be….”

Celine De Sousa
Standards Australia

“I personally have had the pleasure of working with Rod on a number of occasions over a period of 2 years. What I have found is that Rod is able to understand the business needs and issues at hand in a quick and insightful manner. This has built my confidence in being able to throw a number of different challenges at Rod to help us solve. Rod’s approach and style ensures maximum engagement and learning opportunity for participants. He has a very good reputation across all levels of this organisation.”

Andy Brown
Director of Human Resources, Genea

“Rod is an outstanding speaker, management advisor and trainer who I would highly recommend to any organisation seeking to create changes in the way their people relate to each other and to their customers. He is extremely knowledgeable about his field and yet continuously advances his learning. He is a listener and interpreter extraordinaire, able to translate a customer’s business requirements into a training program or workshop that hits the mark and has the required impact. He is highly engaging, always follows up with his participants, and always remains available to provide sage advice. The work he did with UNE’s contact centre and administrative teams covered the gamut of customer service and leadership training and has left a lasting impact. Finally, Rod delivers all his programs with sensitivity as well as humour. This unique combination amongst all his talents, in my opinion make him a stand out human performance consultant.”

Patrick Tobin
Director – The University of New England

“Rod Matthews has been recommended to me by an employee who attended one of his ‘learning bites’ during a conference. When launching a request for proposal to find a new provider for a leadership program I was immediately pleased with the responsive and spot-on proposal from Rod. We since worked together on leadership development and team building in-house programs, whilst sending regularly our staff to his public courses. As an L&D manager, I am confident that I am offering the best learning to our staff, as the satisfaction from participants is always extremely high. Rod’s unique facilitation style makes him an engaging, approachable and innovative trainer. 100% of our participants have recommended his courses to other colleagues. That, added to an affordable price and a genuine personality, makes him our preferred supplier for first-level leadership development and core skills training.”

Alexandra Lederer
Learning and Development Manager, Genea

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Our people are putting all they learned into practise and reaping great rewards. Seeing behavioural change indicates the training worked and our money was well spent.”

Roberta L Fairbairn
T&D Manager, Oceania, DFS Galleria

“I would like to thank you for all the excellent training and development work you have done with Austar in the last 12 months. The National Operations Conference last year was a great success. Not only did we learn a lot about teamwork and leadership, we had fun doing it. The feedback from the managers there was highly complimentary as many people regarded it as the best conference they had ever attended. We have also seen a significant increase in business performance.”

Bruce Mann
Director Marketing and Programming, AUSTAR

“Thank you for the excellent way in which your company assisted us in reviewing the performance management system. I would particularly like to thank you for the quality of design and conduct of the seven workshops. Feedback has been excellent and the professionalism and humour of the facilitators was particularly well received.”

David Wilson
National Human Resources Manager, Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd

“We received excellent feedback from the managers who attended the program. It has provided managers with practical things to do that will ensure we recruit the sort of people we need to do the job.”

Maureen Ayers
Director of Human Resources, The Sydney Opera House Trust

“Real life examples, encouraging people to develop their own individual style (not just cloning an imposed style) and techniques that give people real confidence makes this one of our most widely attended and often demanded programs.”

Annette Andrews
National Training and Development Manager, Roche Products Pty Ltd

And others have also said …

“I have been fortunate enough to participate in Rod Matthews training. Firstly, as I am sure you already know, this was a FANTASTIC course!! Rod is an amazing presenter and I am eager to implement the skills I have learnt through this course into my current role as well as my roles in the future. So thank you for the opportunity to experience this amazing course.”

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that on every single feedback form I received back from the participants, they had your day/course as the highlight of their weekend. Words like motivating, excellent, useful, useable, professional, fantastic, funny, charismatic, brilliant, humorous, valuable were used to describe you and your course.Well done Rod and a BIG BIG thank you for making the day such fun!”

“Your input was incredibly valuable from our view point, as well as the doctors you helped.”

“You should be proud of your contribution to the corporate world”

“From the start, I appreciated the effort you went to in actively listening to the outcomes we wanted to get from the program and in seeking to understand out requirements, so that specifically tailored workshops could be developed.”

Additional Feedback and Testimonials

All of the following quotes are genuine and have been sourced from unsolicited client testimonials from the following people. We would be pleased to show you hard copies on request.

Fiona Cottrell, HR Director, AUSTAR; Roberta L Fairburn, T&D Manager, Oceania, DFS Galleria; K.M.Slattery, Human Resources Manager, Caltex; Kate Phillip, Product Manager Roche Products; Nanette Herlihen, Training Manager, Australian Health Management Group; Sue Morey OAM, Transplant Coordinator, Royal Perth Hospital; Kerrie Gordon, Training Manager, AUSTAR; Kurt Leo, Athletic Supervisor, Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre; Lauren Maxton, Clinical Sales Specialist, Guidant Australia; Rhonda Sorbara, Client Support, Roche Products; Tracey Chapman-Marks, Human Resources Manager, Pacific Publications; Sheryn Clack, Training Manager, Roche Products; Stephen Warwick, Executive Director, Aon Re Australia; Peter Kaufmann, Director, Ausnetinfo Pty Ltd and many others …

How Clients Have Responded to Rod Matthews

“You have inspired me to be a better trainer”

“They found the session inspirational and left with renewed appreciation of their leadership abilities”

“Only positive feedback about your session from the entire team.”

How Program Participants Have Responded to Impact

“I thought you were superb in your understanding and interpretation of the issues we have to deal with, keep up the good work”

“I spoke with the quality leaders this morning and they were still buzzing”

“Congratulations on putting together an excellent sales course”

“Having been on a few sales courses in the past I am sure that this one will be highly successful and is a giant step forward for our organisation. Congratulations again, I eagerly await instalment 3 and I have been spreading the word”

“I’ve been wanting to write to you for weeks now to say thank you for the excellent leadership development program you facilitated.”

“Without doubt, the best course I have been on.”

Program Evaluation:

In your opinion, what was the highlight of the workshop?

+ Rod Matthews. His teaching method is great

+ Rod, he was excellent

+ Networking and Rod’s course

+ Conflict Resolution Management Course

+ Rod Matthews was fantastic

+ Rod Matthews day. Rod was very funny and charismatic and made us feel very welcome

+ Sunday – Rod was brilliant

+ Rod’s sense of humour and the way he presented

+ The Conflict Resolution course was extremely valuable and useful

What Participants Have Learned from Rod

“I just wanted to let you know how fantastic the Presentation Skills workshop was. I can honestly say that I have not been on a training course that I have enjoyed so much or learnt as much from.”

“There were so many good ideas, tips and techniques. This course should be mandatory for all new staff.”

“This was an excellent course, one of the most valuable I can ever recall attending. The elegantly simple principles taught in the course address the sometimes perplexing issues associated with getting the best out of your people.”


“I often use the tools learned in the workshops in both managing people and advising other managers how to handle difficult situations”

“We still have some of your flip charts stuck on the walls”

What Clients Have Said About the Business Results Produced by Rod Matthews

“As usual great things have come from your training. Stuart has had a big win recently which he credits your training. Michael believes the facilitation should be compulsory for all.”

“A vital ingredient for our future success”


“I always enjoy our chats. You always have an uncanny knack of being able to put things in perspective for me!”

“A true professional, you are always well prepared and well organised.”

What Clients Have Said About Rod’s Style of Training

“As a facilitator / Trainer, I found you to be inspirational, adaptive and highly personable.”

“You were equally capable as our conference facilitator as you were our workshop trainer.”

“Your knowledge of people management tools and insights into human behaviour are impressive. I was particularly pleased to see that you were able to apply the tools and insights to individual participants cases and questions as they arose.”

“Thanks for an excellent session – again. The feedback for the team has been very encouraging and all believe your approach is spot on!”

“Rod is a terrific Presenter, the course was extremely well structured and totally relevant to what we need in the very near future.”

Here is a sample of Rod’s current clients …

  • AON Hewitt
  • Australian Human Resources Institute
  • Amnesty International Australia
  • Association of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists
  • Artifex
  • Aztec
  • Breakthrough 4 Business
  • City Fertility
  • Electrolux
  • EOS Technologies
  • Genea
  • Medtronic
  • Merck Serono
  • New Democracy Foundation
  • Novotech
  • NSW Trainlink
  • Roche
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • Santos
  • Senofi Aventis
  • Standards Australia
  • University of New England
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Westmead Hospital

Feel free to ask for references … just send an email to: