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Practical Performance Improvement… with Impact

Practical Performance Improvement with Impact

Are you managing and leading a team of people?

Have you ever:

  • Felt like tearing your hair out when people in your team don’t behave the way you want them to?
  • Wished you could “get things done right … the first time”?
  • Been frustrated by under-performing team members?
  • Wanted to reduce the amount of time you spend doing or re-doing your team members’ work?
  • Wondered how some team leaders maintain a high level of commitment from their teams while avoiding stress and burn out?
  • Had to lead a team of people who were at different developmental levels, and wanted to ensure that you were a consistent yet flexible leader?
  • Wondered how the inspirational leader maintains a high level of commitment from their team while avoiding stress and burn out?
  • Lost a high-performing team member because they were bored with the job?
  • Wondered what could be done to ensure your team members’ morale remains high?
  • Had to lead a team of people who were at different developmental levels and wanted to ensure that you were a consistent, yet flexible leader?
  • Delivered feedback to a team member that they took the wrong way?
  • Considered how much easier your job would be as a leader if you had a highly competent and completely committed team working with you?

If you ticked any of the above then you’re certainly wouldn’t be the first to do so!

Many team leaders and managers find themselves caught in a vicious circle of day-to-day business. This leaves them with little or no time for tasks like planning, strategy, developing tactics, establishing systems and developing the ability and motivation of their team.

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then you’ll love the results you’ll get with “Practical Performance Improvement”.

Practical Performance Improvement

In this book, packed with practical examples, you will learn …

  • How to objectively analyse the performance of your team
  • How to improve performance for individuals in specific circumstances
  • How to increase your team members’ ability through expert coaching
  • How to effectively deal with difficult attitudes
  • How to increase the likelihood that you keep good team members through clever development
  • What to do when all else fails

Impact’s Principal Rod Matthews manages to take a subject that is often surrounded by overly complex academia and translate it into a highly useful, no-nonsense and entertaining easy read.

Packed full of practical tips, tools and techniques, you will find yourself quickly stirred into action while reading. The series is highly recommended for any manager or team leader who does not want to read hundreds of pages of management text, and yet wants to know how to improve the performance of their teams.

Order your copy of Practical Performance Improvement now for only AU$29.70 inc GST + $5.00 P&P anywhere in Australia by clicking below or call 02 9487 4822.