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Precision Recruitment Skills… with Impact

Precision Recruitment Skills… with Impact

Are you hiring employees?

Have you ever hired a new employee, only to find out months later that you have a “square peg in a round hole”?

Have you ever hired someone who is absolutely brilliant … then been devastated to lose them just a few months later?

Or perhaps you’ve seen superb candidates at the job interview that, once on the job, could put Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde to shame!

Recruiting employees costs time and money … and that’s without adding up all the “indirect costs” … time spent in performance management or reworking a poor performer’s output, time spent training and re-training, time spent reforming teams when a new person joins … yet for many organisations they’ll unknowingly pour $1,000′s of dollars away, week after week, month after month purely due to low quality recruitment practices.

Few know the “behind the scenes” hiring processes that world-class professional recruiters use like Impact’s Rod Matthews … because Rod has been one of the people involved in training the recruiters themselves.

Rod has investigated and separated “theoretical best practice” hiring processes from those that really work … and along the way has uncovered fundamental methods to prevent poor recruitment practices crippling any business’ profits.

Now anyone can profit from these simple yet little known steps to finding “the right person for the right job”.

  • Want to save $1,000s in recruitment fees?
  • Wondering exactly how to find the right person for the right job?
  • Need to dramatically reduce staff turnover?

Precision Recruitment Skills

In Precision Recruitment Skills Rod reveals the hidden strategies used by all top recruiters:

Learn how to:

  • Calculate the cost of getting recruitment wrong
  • Hire the right person in the right job, first time
  • Use the Interviewer’s self assessment
  • Incorporate some important recruitment lessons
  • Avoid paying for unnecessary recruitment errors
  • Use alternatives to recruitment
  • What best practice hiring processes are … and what they are not
  • Use precision hiring processes
  • Avoid ‘The Clone Syndrome’
  • Use the Michael Parkinson Interview to win an edge over your competition
  • Use Key Selection Criteria
  • Build an advertisement to attract the best people
  • Review more resumes in less time
  • Prepare for an interview: Using key selection criteria and how to choose appropriate job interview questions
  • Create the right environment
  • Plan your critical opening comments
  • Outline the job without giving away the answers
  • Use advanced questioning
  • Find a STAR performer
  • Use advanced listening skills: Are you really listening or just waiting to talk?
  • Balance behaviours: Every behaviour has an equal and opposite
  • Close the interview: The next steps
  • What to do after the interview: Making the decision as easy as possible … The Decision Analysis Process
  • Conduct effective reference checks
  • Use other forms of assessment
  • Handle rejection
  • Speed up the return on your investment: Induction and Orientation

Plus an amazingly practical Appendix -packed with Job aids and reference documents:

  • Job descriptions
  • Sample receipt of application letter or email
  • A library of job interview questions
  • A structured interview guide
  • An interview checklist
  • Sample letter or email to an unsuccessful candidate
  • Sample reference check questionnaire
  • Sample induction/orientation checklist for managers

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